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We work closely with leading Italian Food Suppliers such as Delitalia and Continental Quattro Stagioni, who both represent the highest standard in Italian produce.

We are very proud to use the "best of the best" Italian food available - from leading brands such as De Cecco for our Pastas, Parmiggiano Regiano from Parmareggio, Buffalo Mozzarella DOP from Campania, to the finest red Wine like Tignanello Marchesi Antinori from the Tuscany Region. Once again, these are some of the highest expression of food and Italian wines.

Introducing new Italian products is also important to us, we enjoy bringing you the latest trends in Italian food and wines. Additionally, many of our menu items are gluten-free and we are happy to try to oblige those patrons who have an intolerance.

Buon Appetito

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Starter Menu

Our starters represent some of the traditional Italian dishes from various regions that obviously reflect the local ingredients and traditions of all the twenty Italian regions.

From north to south - like Bresaola which is from the Valtellina Lombardia region to Buffalo Mozzarella in the Campania region or like our breaded and fried Olives from the Ascoli Marche region the central east of Italy to the extra virgin olive oil in the Tuscany region.

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Decanters of olive oil

Mains Menu

Pasta and Pizza from north-to-south and east-to-west, very much represent the Italian way of life. For our pastas we features some of the most known pasta dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese and Lasagne which are some of the oldest Italian favourites abroad and we follow the very original and traditional way to produce these dishes. At the same time, we present some of the new forms of pasta like Scialatielli Pasta prepared with a modern twist with aubergine paste, clams with a touch of fresh chilli and extra virgin olive oil.

For the pizza, we use an authentic Italian recipe, which is made from scratch in our kitchens with the finest flour from the Caputo Campania Region near Napoli were the Pizza Margherita was first created to honour Margherita,the Queen of Italy, who visited Napoli. Our Meat Supplier is Simon Howie, Perthshire's Award Winning Butcher, similarly, our fish is supplied by Fish In Crieff, Perthshire.

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Desserts and Cheese

What better way of rounding off your meal than with the world-renowned Tiramisu, made by us using the finest mascarpone, the savoiardi ( Ladyfingers ) from Vicenzi and a touch of Borghetti Liqueur Coffee which is made with real espresso coffee from the Milano Lombardi Region and don't forget our artisan ice cream, which is provided by Lickwid of Perth.

We aim to provide the finest taste using natural and organic ingredients.

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Whether you are taking a break between business meetings or resting weary legs during a busy day's shopping in Perth, come and relax over a delicious Italian lunch. Made with the same care and nutritional ingredients as our dinner service.

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We also offer a range of interesting soups and sandwiches if you are pressed for time.... Just make sure that you allow enough time to finish with one of our outstanding Italian coffees.

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Wine List

We hold a wide selection of wines to suit all tastes, white, red, rose, sparkling, champagne and our special connoisseur wine list.

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